Karma Mobile App

A service exchange app that uses time as a currency.



About the project

Problem: Some may not want to ask a friend for a favor every single time when there is one heavy lifting to do or moving a mid-sized item from a craigslist advertisement, and Lyfts and Ubers will refuse your ride due to the item. Living in New York City, services that provide these minor help that is needed are not affordable nor economical.

Solution: A mobile application that utilizes community members to create a service network that allows a wide range of service exchanges that uses time as a currency, and is simple and accessible to everyone. Users can trade their service for time credits that they can then use for services for themselves.

Timeline: 4 Weeks

My Role: In my role as the product designer, I will identify the user needs and define the main feature. I will create 


Identify the user needs and core feature that is needed to accomplish these tasks. Design a solution that can assist anyone that is in need of help or a certain skill set, creating an app that is accessible for everyone.


Identifying user needs

We connected with potential users and conducted interviews to better understand the problem and uncover pain points.


Cami Gilador

Freelance Artist

Being a freelance artist does not garuntee jobs. I want to be able to seek for help that does not tie directly to my bank account.

Image by Mathieu NEUILLY


Stephanie Zhang

"I cannot legally work in the US, I wish there are ways where I can use my skills to keep myself on budget"

Image by Nickolas Nikolic

Melanie Smith

Retired Nurse

Moving heavy grocery items in my walk up is the biggest pain, sometimes instacart and amazon delivery cant even do that.

Image by Jhon David

Guadalupe Lopez

Pharmacist + Mother

Being a working mother,I have a busy schedule to keep up to. Our dogs always need walking and I want them to be happy. 

User Persona

User personas were created to represent a group of users who face a similar problem to create a clear picture of what the user would need and want,  and help communicate information collected about users throughout the design process.

Willing to tutor to make up for moving costs.


Image by Mathieu NEUILLY
Stephanie Zhang

20 years old

International Student

New York, NY

"Staying on a budget as a student is very important that is why I often purchase on Facebook marketplace and craigslist, however, living in New York City transferring mid to large size items can be hard and very expensive."

Pain Points

  • Cannot work in the US legally to solve her budget issue.

  • The cost of getting a mover costs more than the craigslist item.

  • Cannot ask friends for favors all the time

  • Cannot always work around others' schedule if help is needed.

Needs and Goals

  • Willing to help others in exchange for help when in need of help.

  • Have many different skills that she can provide for others. 

  • Finding people that can help when in need on her schedule.


Conceptualizing the Solution

With a map based searching engine, customers can search projects by name, location, product types or browse projects by categories. To avoid long waiting period for the marketing content generation, Light Finder provide a platform where the company can add new projects (by assigned Admin) at anytime. Within every project, it shows project name, products being installed, ratings and reviews, locations, etc. It allows users to easily bookmark the project or save products they like.

User Flow


High-Fidelity Design


Reflection + Next Steps

The concept of the app in itself is decent, I really enjoyed my own idea as it also helps the community interact and bring themselves together.


Logistically, as the idea is also to eliminate money, and provide a fair share of the cost of labor, I believe that allowing users to purchase time points provides a not so fair labor market.

Since there will be no money used in the app, except for time credits, it is unsure of how the initial time credits to land on the platform, as we want users to not use the app for free for just once if we provide them free time credits upon signup.